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Ambber Records/Alma Electronica

Ambber Records


Jesus Garcia a.k.a. Anesthesiologist

He is an artist with a strong personality, power and quality in their productions and mixes, it makes clear in its sessions, with a style marked by the age of 90, but with a very personal and innovative and futuristic touch. In the late nineties Dark Techno discovered that her gender would undoubtedly be preferred. He was spending his first ten years doing sessions for different locations in your area, influenced by the music of Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Exium, Reeko etc ... with one year of residence in (Pub El Patio). Now as Producer and offering their fully customized sessions, to sites such as Moon Room (Mostoles - Madrid), Game Over (Madrid) Backdub (Toledo) etc ... .Currently working with Labels as : Alma Electrónica, Nukapa Records, BSC Records, Ambber Records, Chauron Recordings, Simply Authentic Records ... where he has captured their feelings and reactions to our stressful urban life from an autobiographical point of view. In 2012 Ambber Records was the first label that relied on the skill of this young producer publishing Eps - Black Connection, Controlled Hate, Global Infection and Dark Dawn. In 2013 and 2014 publishing jobs Chauron Recordings and BSC Records released the EP (Nueva Era). I recently signed by the Agency in Paris ( Divine Booking ). This is just the beginning, Anesthesiologist want to open their doors and put a dent in this world so hard and write your own letter musical history.


Promos/Preview Anesthesiologist 
The Time Zero - EP Controlled Hate (Ambber Records)

Piercing Eyes  - EP Global Infection (Ambber Records)


Myocardial Infarction  - EP Dark Dawn (Ambber Records)


Step by Step  - EP Dark Dawn (Ambber Records)


Time is Running Out - EP Black Connection  (Ambber Records)


Black Cerebellum - EP Controlled Hate (Ambber Records)